CAD/CAE Design Technology for Reliability and Quality


OptiY GmbH offers an innovative design environment for reliability and quality. Based on a long research and development, we provide a novel technology for data-mining, meta-modeling, sensitivity analysis, probabilistic simulation and robust design optimization in all engineering fields as mechanics, electronics, electro-magetics, optics, fluid-dynamics, multi-body-systems etc. It is also an open and ease-to-use platform to integrate 3rd party tools.




Develop the mechanisms module for the program USAN.

USAN is a software platform for simulation and optimization of mechatronic systems. It bases on a long-time research and development by the institute of electro-mechanical engineering at Dresden University of Technology in Germany.


Adoption and further development of the optimization module USAN


Develop the first commercial version OptiY 1.0 for SimulationX.

Use in the lecture "Design Engineering" at TU Dresden.


Release the multidisciplinary analysis and optimization system OptiY 2.0

Foundation of the company OptiY e.K.

Win first industrial customers: Baker Hughes, Stabilus and Luk


Release OptiY 3.0

2010 Company relocation in a new office building
Release OptiY 4.0 with Innovation:
- World-fastes commercial robust design optimization system
2011 Rename the company to OptiY GmbH
2013 Open the second office near University Würzburg
Release OptiY 4.2 with the Innovations:
- World-first universal probabilistic simulation system for nonlinear dynamics
- World-fastest optimization system for dynamical simulation
2014 Company relocation to Würzburg completely
2018 Release OptiY 4.5 with the Innovation:
- Perfection of meta-modeling-technology
- Auto-robust-optimization