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Data-Mining is the process of extracting hidden patterns from data. Data mining identifies trends within data that go beyond simple data analysis. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, non-statistician users have the opportunity to identify key attributes of processes and target opportunities. Data mining is becoming an increasingly important tool to transform this data into information. It is commonly used in a wide range of applications, such as manufacturing, marketing, fraud detection and scientific discovery etc. It is typically used if the type of the statistical model is not identifiable.

Data-import from text files or MS Excel can be done very esay using the import assistant. For regression analysis or meta-modeling, there are different meta-model types available in OptiY to fit the most existing problems. The prediction, design analysis and optimization can be performend based on the extracted mathamatical model from the data. The code of the surrogate model can be exported into C/C++-, Visual Basic, Modelica, or Matlab.


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