CAD/CAE Design Technology for Reliability and Quality

Training  "Probabilistic Simulation in SimulationX with OptiY"

The basics and methods will be communicated for probabilistic simulation in SimulationX with OptiY. Concurrently, the course contains also practical exercises for challenges  of CAD/CAE-engineers in the industry.

Course Content

1. Stochastic Distribution

  • Random Variable
  • Central Moments
  • Fitting of Distributions by Meseaurement Data

2. Design of Experiment (DOE)

  • Factorial Design (Full Factorial, Center Composite)
  • Sampling Methods (Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, Sobol)
  • Moment Methods (First und Second Order)
  • User Design

3. Meta-Modeling

  • Meta- or Surrogate Model
  • Adaptive Design
  • Residuals
  • Export of Meta-Model for System-Simulation

4. Global Sensitivity Analysis

  • Stochastic Variances
  • Sobol Index (Main- and Total-Effect)
  • Parameter-Interactions

5. Reliability and Robustness Evaluation

  • Robustness
  • Failure Probability
  • Six Sigma Design

6. Robust Design und Tolerance-Cost Optimization

  • Taguchi Quality Loss Function
  • Tolerance-Cost Model
  • Variance-Based Optimization
  • Reliability-Based Optimization
  • Tolerance-Cost Optimization




Dr. The-Quan Pham



1 Day from 9.00 to 17.00



 Würzburg or Dresden, Germany



500,- Euro (excluding VAT)

It includes training material, drinks and lunch



40% for University Members

20% for Registration with multiple Persons


Date: available on request